React Native vs Flutter

React Native vs Flutter

Couple of years ago, mobile development plaform is evoluted. Beyond the native, Object-C for iOS and Java/Kotlin for Android, now we can build iOS and Android app using the same code base, React Native and Flutter.

I’ve used React Native and Flutter for 6 months and here is the result.

The first mobile framework that I used is React Native. React is very famouse and it was very interesting that we can build the mobile application using React. I used 0.57 version to build a mobile application without any problems but when the framework is updated to 0.60. My previous codoe is not working any more and I couldn’t maintain the application that I made. In addition to that, as you might agree that admob is one of the source of key to monetize your effort on your application, the admob library is quite tricky to implement and throws a lot of errors while I am builing an application. Facebook is focusing on the lean core effort in order to reduce the size of the framwork and extract the componet from the core framework so that community maintain the libraries but It seems that the important key libraries are not proplery maintained by the communities. Also, the libraries are not compatiable with each version at all.

I relized that the React Native is difficult to maintaining the application and hard to monetize the application using Admob. So, I decided to learn Flutter framework.

What I liked the most about the Flutter framwork is that there is a lot of materials and libraries I can find the Flutter official website and the explaination is very clear. Also, the main library is well maintained by the Flutter team and it keeps updating.
Now, I have 5~6 apps on play store and one of my app is just hit 50 downloads. Also, It is very easy to implement the Admob library to my application.

Therefore, if I were you, I’d love to use Flutter framwork for the mobile devlopment instead of React Native.